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Sounds likeCocteau Twins, Beach House, Tame Impala

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Underwater Boys is Tom & Nick Klar - two brothers who make dreamy, fuzzy pop music in brighton. Drawing influence from Cocteau Twins, Beach House, The Cure, & Tame Impala, their sound is characterised by Tom's sweet, otherworldly falsetto, and multi-instrumentalist Nick's woozy, ethereal soundscapes.

While on the surface an Underwater Boys song might sound bright and blissed out, their music is also bubbling with anxiety and tension, with lyrical themes of mental illness, existential dread and malaise. This dichotomy is at the heart of what Underwater Boys do. It is joyful, celebratory music about battling with the darkest parts of yourself - being vulnerable, and trying to get better.

"Releasing debut track “Everyone You Know” last month, the pair’s beautifully hazy pop charm is augmented by cutting lyricism to create a smart and scintillating debut. A new and exciting sound, the contrast of dark lyricism with light and hypnotic melodies shows just how brilliantly captivating the duo are.

Fully establishing themselves as one’s to watch, their track “Bye & Bye” is as equally compelling and exciting. Slightly more upbeat, songwriting wise, than their previous offering, it’s a rousing synth-soaked love song about someone accepting you no matter what (“‘Cause I can tell you anything and, baby, it’ll be alright”).

Woozy and wonderful, the tracks are an exciting glimpse at what the brothers have in store for the future." Wonderland Magazine

The bands music is best described by Tom: When we first started the band we had no idea what it was going to sound like. We went into it without any kind of preconceptions. We had these songs but they were just written with vocals and guitar – because back then we didn’t have a band to play anything. Nick plays almost all of the instrumentation on our recordings, layering everything up one piece at a time, so we don’t actually know how it’s going to turn out until it’s done. It’s quite an exciting way to work because it sort of unfolds in front of you. We only knew what the band was going to sound like after the songs were finished.

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