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"VALA are yet another exciting addition to Manchester’s thriving music scene."

"the four have an instantly likeable, infectious energy about them"

- Rebecca Mason, One Great Song

Some 20 year old boys from Manchester, we started a band because we're studying music and our parents needed evidence of our degrees being useful because they're not convinced. You may have seen us at various venues round the rainy cities of the North, as we've been playing hot off the back of our debut single - Thrown To The Floor.

Our sound might have you thinking we're from sunny California, but actually we all started off on the original West Coast - Blackpool, with 3/4 of the band having played together since we were 14. With strong melodies and harmonies galore we'll have you (and your Nanna) off your feet in no time, wishing for the endless summer.

Joe writes all the songs and Jesus, Matt and Jebose are there too. Joe isn't sure why they're there but the others do provide moral support and sometimes get the audience to clap when Joe can't quite manage it (despite Joe having grown two extra arms for the purpose of playing guitar and clapping simultaneously).

We're inspired by bands like The Strokes, The Killers and Weezer but because we play in Manchester there's a point between the PA and the audience's ears where the songs all transform into Wonderwall (causing the odd bit of confusion when they see us enjoying ourselves). We really like rock from the 50s to the 70s so our songs actually have a nice sprinkle of nostalgia. Or at least that's what Matt's dad says. Anyway we hope you're enjoying our profile, we did it all ourselves and we're dead proud. Jesus put it on the fridge so he can look at it every day.

VALA are:

Joe Knowles - Lead Vocals, Guitar
Matt Hill - Drums, Backing Vocals
Jesus - Guitar, Synthesiser
Jebose Radcliffe - Bass, Backing Vocals


For regular updates follow our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages, as well as taking a look at our meticulously crafted website:

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