Sounds likeThe Black Keys, Royal Blood, Kings of Leon, Foals

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"Somehow managing to sound both loose and tight in delivering their sound, the chorus is made ear-catching with its quick-fire bass-lines and thudding percussion, and the final third sees some bang on blues riffs to top it all off.”

"A track that bodes well for the fuller release with a contained energy that pumps its way around the room on the backbone of a powerful trotting percussion, prior to picking up the reigns with the tempo rising."

"Frayed guitar is given space to take the spotlight giving the song, along with the vocal, its dirty blues infusion that takes the listener to a sawdust strewn bar-room while the bass is working on such loose strings it is possible to catch their sound of recoil as they slap back in to place, which minds of a saloon-bar swing door creaking on its hinges."

We are a three piece band from Dublin, Ireland. Without a bass player we use effects pedals to find our desired sound. Loud and fast.

We're a bit of a mix of genres, caught in the midst of Blues Rock and Alternative Rock with a bit of Grunge for god measure. Big influences include the likes of The Black Keys, Kings of Leon, Foals and so many others. A unique sound in Dublin, carving our way into the Dublin music scene.

Our upcoming EP is full of heart and emotion, each song touches on something we might have gone through, or have felt at some stage, The songs mean a lot to us and we like to think that translates to anybody who listens to it. Relatable music put together in a unique VLLNS way.

We have just released 'The Devil & the Deep Sea', which is our first single from our upcoming debut EP titled 'Sentiments'. The 4 track EP will be released in mid 2018 but not before 'Talons' our second single is released.

2018 will be wall-to-wall gigs, hopefully with a couple of festival slots thrown in. We're gonna continue to play shows throughout the year, and keep on writing new material so we can get back into the studio as soon as possible.

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