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Some people find music but music found WAYI. Growing up at church, the 24-year-old songstress spent most of her childhood with the gospel as her faithful companion. Through the years, this planted seed has been watered with Songs In A Minor and other wordy rivers irrigated by Alicia Keys. The first melodious bud appeared at 11 when WAYI had to sing in the school choir. Not yet aware of her gift, it was then her classmates and family’s encouraging reactions that gave birth to the first flowers of a garden that would keep on giving.

After years of studying and covering her favorite acts, she eventually became inspired to take up her pen. What started as innocent stories and novels slowly flourished into a bouquet of lyrics about the purest and most complex feeling: Love. With a subtle delicateness and a refreshing honesty, WAYI – who previously lent her sultry voice to soulful tracks by TheColorGrey and K1D – explores every petal and thorn of this universal theme, narrating her own experiences. While her debut single The Way I Am was preaching the importance of self-love and self-worth, her latest effort Temporary touches on jealousy and coming to terms with the final chapter of a relationship.

WAYI’s effortless elegance already garnered great interest from Elton John in his Rocket Hour show on Beats 1 but also much praise from major publications such as High Snobiety, DJ Booth, ELLE France and Red Bull Elektropedia. She is currently finishing her debut EP called Love in Progress and consisting in 5 tracks all written by herself and produced by James Lowland.

These dreamy harmonies and strong sense of identity say it all: WAYI is a natural - watch her bloom.

« You will obsession over her voice... WAYI is the new R&B sensation. » - ELLE France

« It sounds like bedroom music at its best: soft and sensual. » - DJBOOTH

« Extremely promising. » - Highsnobiety

« WAYI is our Flemish Beyoncé. » - MNM (Belgian national radio)

« Incredible voice. » - Pure FM (Belgian national radio)

« TOO good. » - Sodwee

« A name worth remembering. » - Conversations About Her

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Date Friday 21 September 2018 at 18:00
Address Le Botanique, Rue Royale, Saint-Josse-ten-Noode, Belgique, 1210
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