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“A new name on the scene, but they're already making waves wherever they go. Combining the intensity of Radiohead with effects laden guitars and occasional bursts of noise, they're definitely ones to watch out for”

- Drowned in Sound

"WUZI mash together the grunge of Mudhoney, the melodies of Britpop, the subtle psychedelics of Sgt Pepper era Beatles with the drums of Animal from the Muppets. They have a whirlwind of influences which can leave you wonderfully stunned"

- GIGsoup

The Leeds based slacker rockers burst into life in the early months of 2016, born from the member's shared enthusiasm of relentlessly fuzzed-out guitar riffs juxtaposed with melancholic ambiences.

The band is comprised of Mullac Smythe on lead vocals and guitar, Baketrain on guitar, Blem on Bass and Marsters on drums and vocals. Mullac met Marsters during their stint as delivery drivers for the now deceased Get Baked. It is rumored their incompetence bankrupted the company. Baketrain and Blem met during one of Baketrain's trademark late night fog-walks during which he tossed a cigarette off of a bridge onto an unsuspecting Blem below. Blem smoked the rest of the cigarette as he is known to do.

WUZI spent 2016 playing shows all around the country and ended the year headlining Indie Week Festival in Toronto where they released their first single ‘Atomis’. Despite the short time they have been around, their explosive sets have grabbed the attention of a growing army of fans and music scene stalwarts. 2017 saw the four-piece play some memorable shows at Live at Leeds and Liverpool Sound City as well as releasing their follow up single ‘DD’. Both singles were recorded by Matt Peel at The Nave in Leeds.

Their music has been described in many ways and falls into many categories including: psych, grunge, and even psych-grunge.

WUZI are currently working on a new EP with producer Al Groves in Liverpool’s iconic ‘Motor Museum’ studio where huge bands such as Arctic Monkeys and Oasis have recorded some truly seminal material. The EP is scheduled for an early 2018 release.

Expect chaotic live shows and spacey riffs.

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