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Xanza is a 20 yo singer and songwriter from Sydney. Xanza (Alexandra Nicholas) was born in Washington, and grew up in Beijing. When she was 13 she moved to Sydney and began attending performing arts school.

"My mum made us do piano classes and music classes, and from a very young age I loved it, because I loved being in the spotlight and having attention hahaha"

Xanza lists her biggest musical influences as Rihanna, Maroon 5, The Beatles and Sia.

"I also grew up watching Disney and you kinda just sing everything and all the time"

Xanza's voice reminds me of the likes of Banks, Clairo and Billie Eilish. And she is backed up by some killer production.

Xanza's songs are produced and co-written by Elina Godwin. Elina grew up playing violin and has always had a love for composition. "When I was 11, and I'd just started high school, I discovered Garage Band on the school computers, and that was it, I loved it, I loved the excitement of being able to create my own music." Elina is now an established sound designer and audio producer, "I create all sorts of audio, podcasts, theatre sound, experimental music.. but the 13yo in me has always had that dream to create radio hits hahahaha and I'm definitely still aiming to give it my best shot."

Elina lists her keyvmusical influences as Maya Jane Coles, Gold Panda, Disclosure, SBTRKT, MSTRKRFT, Flight Facilities, Snakehips, Kaytranada, The XX, and Karma Kid. Subtle clues to these influences can definitely be heard in her productions.

Xanza's debut Single 'Stars Like Us' was released on September 21st 2018. The debut EP will drop November 2018. The EP is about love and the cycle of emotions after a break-up. Xanza tells me, "I know that sounds cliche, but It's also extremely relatable. We are very excited to share it, and we really look forward to begin performing all the songs too."

With a debut single like this one, I just know the EP will be incredible.

Watch out world, Xanza is coming for you.

Interview and words by Luke Nitywo

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