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Yardlander is a London-based rock band, founded in 2016 when guitarist Kit Gallagher introduced frontman and songwriter Oscar Koronka and bass player Tom Hill to his old session buddy, drummer Will Pickering. The band seeks to combine emotive and personal lyrics with dynamic songs to evoke a sense of awe in the audiences they perform to. Exhilarating and tender in equal measure, and musically uncompromising, they’re not to be missed.

Koronka, Gallagher and Hill had met at University, playing in various humorously named function bands together, before Gallagher moved to London to pursue a short-lived legal career. Feeling dissatisfied though, he soon reconnected online with his old function band pals and they began working on demos in earnest. Songs took shape quickly, with Koronka developing rapidly as a lyricist. The introduction of experienced drummer and arranger Will Pickering only added to the band’s increasing compositional sophistication, and provided the muscle necessary to achieve the powerful sound they sought.

The band announced themselves to the online world in July 2017, with the self released single “Kiss with Teeth” - a deeply personal song imploring a loved one to stop pretending to be something they aren’t. Described by Danni DeWolfe of One Stop Record Shop as an “expertly-crafted indie-rock romp, crammed to the rafters with pulsing rhythm and electric undertones” the song is an apt demonstration of the band’s ability to excite, with an uptempo rhythm coupled to some explosive rhythm guitar work, and an expressive archetypal rock vocal. Further press coverage included features on Emerging Indie Bands, Adobe & Teardrops, Mytacism Music, Indie Music Nation and US College radio play on WXRY.

Live favourite, “Oceans” is slated for the next release in the new year, with the slower, darker numbers “Straight Light” and “Small Hours” soon to follow. A raft of further material is rotated in and out of the live set and further recording sessions with notable young producer Ben Beheshty are underway.

Yardlander have gigged extensively in London, playing notable shows at Nambucca, The Water Rats, The Workshop and The 229 Club. They will be returning to Nambucca on Saturday, November 11, with notable nationwide promoters “This Feeling”, supporting BERRIES.

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Date Saturday 11 November 2017 at 20:00
Address Nambucca, Holloway Road, London, United Kingdom, N7 6LB
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