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Sounds likeBlink 182, Don Broco, The 1975s, Paramore, Barenaked Ladies

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Coming from the quiet market town of Faringdon in Oxfordshire, Young Rosie are a trio of close friends who love to perform by putting hearts and souls into every show. By combining catchy melodies, powerful harmonies and memorable riffs, Young Rosie have developed a strong and loyal fan base in the South of England. From taking their influences for the music from such bands as Blink-182, Foo Fighters, Paramore & The 1975, their intention is to get the party started. While playing regular gigs, their focus is on song writing and they are aiming to release their second album by the summer.

Where did the name 'Young Rosie' come from?

After deciding that forming a band was indeed a good idea, we went into town towards our local pub to discuss potential band names. On approaching the bar we spotted a real ale called 'Young Rosie' which was brewed in the pub itself. We hastened to buy three pints and enjoyed it so much that we resulted in spending the whole night there drinking up Young Rosie. The morning came...and after hilarious reminisces of the previous night, we devoted our band name to the beer that created such good memories.

What makes you different from any other band?

We are an energetic 3 piece and we take pride in our live performances. Every gig we do, no matter how big or small, we put our heart and soul into it. We have worked hard to develop our sound that is a combination of catchy melodies, powerful harmonies and memorable riffs. Throw in some elements of dance and pop electronics and you'll have the basis of the Young Rosie sound. We always want to improve and develop to allow our fans to have the best possible experience at any of our live shows. We strongly believe in audience participation and love the crowd to get involved with us.

Where does your inspiration for your songs come from?

As a band, we grew up listening to a wide range of different music genres. With our influences coming from a wide range of genres, it has allowed us to develop a sound that we are happy with. We certainly owe a large amount of our sound to bands such as Blink 182, Sum 41, Paramore, Barenaked Ladies, Don Broco, The 1975s and many others because they have helped us shape our sound.

Do you play at pubs or bars?
- Yes we do please contact Mark Langlay-Smith for bookings (marklanglaysmith@gmail.com)

Do you play weddings or private events?
- Yes we do please contact Mark Langlay-Smith for enquiries (marklanglaysmith@gmail.com)

Young Rosie:
Elliott Coard- Guitar, Vocals
Josh Hatton - Bass, Vocals
Mark Langlay Smith - Drums, Vocals, Electronics & Programming

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