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Sounds likeThe Twang, Cage The Elephant, Tribes, Suede

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Young Savages is a new generation of indie rock from Indonesia. Precisely in the year 2013, the name of Young Savages born from the wildness of their usual party and make it in one of the bars in the Malang city. We choose this name inspired from a hooligan movie called Awaydays, we heard a theme song there by Ultrafox - Young Savage and then we decided that our band name should be it, because it sounds like us.
Young Savages music itself is much affected by the generation of alternative music UK in the 90s - 2000s decade like The twang, Cage The Elepant, Tribes and Suede coupled with catchy riffs and retrospective lyrics make young savages different from the bands alike.

The single song "Clown" became the beginning of the introduction of Young Savages. At 2014 Young Savages with two bands FRANK! and Megatruh initiated a tour titled Aku Lagi Tour that produced a compilation "AkuLagiKompilasi". In this compilation Young Savages donated two materials entitled "Gold Fish" and "Nightfall".
In September 2016 Young Savages gave birth to a video clip for the single "Night Fall". This video clip was created independently by Young Savages' own personnel in a place where they used to get together to party with friends, Houtenhand.

The theme they picked up in the lyrics was not far around friendship and how they had fun, we saw it, we feel it, then we made it into a song, mostly a story that happens within our friends, there is one of our favorite song, the title is 2000's kid which is will also be the title of our album, the song tells about our happiness as kids who grew up in 2000’s era.

We have an album in a cassette tape format under Frekuensi Records and released during Cassette Store Day in Malang in 14 October 2017.
We are going to release for the CD format next month, and we have a plan to records for the second album next year.

Adin Pramudita (vocal), Adrhianp (guitar), Bintang Priyadmadi (guitar), Nanda Eka Chandra (bass), Raditiapw (drum) and Prismadifta (vocal & keyboard).

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