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ZLUTZ are the latest electronic dance music project hailing from Leicester and Brighton, UK. Consisting of Jenny Eva and Charlie Alexander, their rage-filled electropunk anthems, described as ‘nü-witch political trash-pop’, have opened up new doors for a fresh new take on DIY punk music.

Emerging from the same circle of underground LGBT+ bubblegum pop artists and producers that currently rule Twitter's queer scene, ZLUTZ make a refreshing return to music that challenges the listener by exploring deeper political messages than the more common lyrical themes of heartbreak and love.

With instrumental influences from artists such as the London based witch house duo CRIM3S, and former Crystal Castles frontwoman and now solo electronic singer/songwriter Alice Glass, and lyrical influences from Sylvia Plath and Jenny's own poetry, they began to work together on the project in summer 2018 both by collaborating together over the internet, and writing together in person. With lyrical themes of the current political climate, feminism, animal rights and their experiences with nightlife as well as broken relationships and surviving abuse, "the stark digital soundscapes that Charlie produces often surround Jenny’s vocals like a sinister fog. Sometimes she sounds like a punk Persephone screaming out from the murky subterranean depths of the underworld. Other times, her stirring, surprisingly soulful vocals sound more focused and clear."

Their darkly energetic debut album ‘DIGITAL WRATH’, released in the first week of 2019, is 'filled with thrash-trance bangers, nightmarish melodies, politically charged prose and a number of other dreadful delights', and was met with online success within a small circle of underground artists and fans. "DIGITAL WRATH is ultimately a punk record. And a great one at that. It is propulsive, political, and brimming with an electric sense of urgency. ZLUTZ rock. And they rock harder and better than any guitar-based band could in 2019."

They began to venture into the world of live performance following the release of their album, with their first show at Mama Liz's Bar and Voodoo Lounge in Stamford, Lincolnshire, on February 8th 2019, and have since began to record for their second project in March 2019, set for release later this year, with plans of more shows up and down the UK.

[Credits to Ersa Magazine's review of DIGITAL WRATH for quotes]

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